Book of Shadows is a collaborative project between Emiland Kray and Alexander Arce. This book is an appropriation of the traditional occult ‘book of shadows’ which historically was a spell book. Instead of written spells and verbal incantations, our book offers a new way of looking at the mundane, which we argue is a form of magic. We believe there is magic in our everyday lives and it can be captured by dissecting the quality in which we look at the world. This book asks the reader to be fluid in adopting new perspectives by appreciating the gentle cascades of light and shadow.
This book has 16 pages each with a unique hand-cut centerfold pop-up. The book measures 6.75”x6.25”x0.75”. The pages are laser printed on smooth cardstock and the book is bound using a ‘flutter book’ binding style. The covers are hand embossed and wrapped with sandy linen.
The box is handmade and clasps shut with gentle magnets. Upon opening the box, the book is elevated by pink silk ribbon.
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