Identities are made up of memories woven and layered together in a state of constant motion, giving ourselves a unique and intimate perspective towards ourselves. However, when confronted with another, we are quick to reduce their identities into simpler forms. My work attempts to address these suppositions by creating fragmented portraits that reflect the multidimensional space in which we understand our identities and potentially those of others. When we begin to understand our illusion of self through the means of dissection, the relationship between the fragments become just as important as the whole, thus leading our interactions to function on the basis of assumed complexity versus the simplicity of stereotyping and superficiality.
Each fragment of memory, and experience holds its own and exists indefinitely within our personas, but the combinations that we all hold inside of us are exceptionally complex. By utilizing the flexibility of fragmenting and layering processes unique to collage, I am able to expand the confines in which my choices are to be made. Watercolor as a medium also becomes a metaphor for the subtle layering process that exists as we compile memory and external influence into digestible fragments to include within our personas. My artwork can exist as an inquiry on identity.
Portraiture historically has been used as a means to provide a realistic depiction of the external self, but also to add clues to the inner workings of an individual’s personality. By fragmenting the human form, my work asks the audience to relate to another in a more jarring and urgent way. In the age of social media and instafilters, the contemporary portrait lives on a tightrope balancing between the assumption of authenticity and deception. My art is an attempt to discuss the duality that modern portraiture presents and interject the self as a work in progress rather than a pre-established and fixed form. 
As humans, we have the unique circumstance to understand our personal intricacies at richly intimate levels, my artwork aims to offer that same perspective to others. By utilizing our understanding of ourselves as socially molded individuals, those same attitudes can be projected onto others giving us infinite opportunities to create a more compassionate and empathetic world.
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