I often admire how the body exists in space and time. Observing supple undulations of flesh or how light bounces off the oils on the skin, or how the facial cheeks ebb as expression changes, it’s easy to become lost in each fleeting moment. Through my artwork, I disrupt our familiarity with the human face, body, and functions. By fragmenting human form, I dislocate, magnify, and emphasize the enchanting nature of our imperfect bodies. I use portraiture to directly connect content to form, as well as metaphor to expand upon our failures as physical and cognitive machines.
For better or for worse, the human experience is not an algorithm. Probability cannot map our existence, and the only things guaranteed are our prowess and our mortality. I tap into the poetics of this duality when creating my work. There is beauty and elegance in the ambitious success of humanity, but also in our catastrophic failure. By beginning this exploration of the body, I compile information to describe the  paradox of human existence.
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